10 ways to improve street appeal

Most of us only think about street appeal when it’s time to sell our home- and even then, those thoughts are usually instigated by the real estate agent who knows the price-boosting importance of a great first impression. But street appeal is something we should always be aware of; it not only adds value, but it shows the world that you are a person of taste and distinction. Plus, it boosts your sense of pride and prestige…and we all need a boost in the pride and prestige department from time to time!


Thankfully, improving street appeal is not difficult. This list contains some very simple things you can do to turn an ordinary first impression into an extraordinary one.

1. Paint the front door: The front door is the focal point of your home, and it plays a symbolic role. It is the place where people will be allowed to enter…or told to go away. No wonder all eyes are on the front door, so make sure it looks the part. A new coat of paint, or the addition of an impressive knocker, can make a world of difference.


2. Liven up the letterbox: Your letterbox might not be big, but people do notice small details. Ever had a tiny piece of lettuce wedged between your teeth? That’s what people notice…not your perfect pearly whites! An old letterbox is like that tiny piece of lettuce; it can distract from the bigger picture so paint it up, or replace it with a nice new one


3. Do some gardening: A garden free of weeds and full of colour is a welcoming sight for everyone. To give potential home buyers the impression that your garden is a low maintenance one, mow the lawn, trim hedges and do some weeding. By failing to do so, people will see your garden as a thing requiring hard work and lots of time…and that’s a turn off.

4. Create a clear and clean pathway: The path from gate to door should be obvious, so remove weeds and any other vegetation that night obscure it. Replace chipped and stained pavers, or clean a concrete pathway.

5. Replace gutters and downpipes: Old downpipes and gutters, often full of rust and holes, and blemished by flaking paint, indicates there might also be areas of neglect in other parts of the house. Renew, or replace, if you can.

6. Throw a little light on the subject: Street appeal is a 24/7 thing, and outdoor lighting can make a real statement after the sun goes down. Lighting can accentuate trees or other planted areas, or illuminate a pathway or driveway. This looks good and increases security.

7. So big, you can’t miss it: Your roof makes up a huge proportion of what people see from the street…so a neglected, dirty roof will really stand out. Repainting or pressure cleaning might seem like a big task but the payoff is bigger! The difference will be so dramatic that people won’t be able to miss it!

8. Another big thing: Like the roof, your driveway is a big part of that first impression. Repair cracks, remove oil stains, and kill weeds growing on it, or around it. Moss and algae should be dealt to, and a blast with a pressure cleaner will also bring your driveway up to scratch.

9. Keep it tidy: One of the easiest ways to improve street appeal is to do a thorough and regular tidy up. Bikes and toys and whatever else the kids leave lying around should be picked up and put in the garage. Leaves and twigs that fall off surrounding trees should be raked up. The front porch, if you have one, should be kept spic and span, as should the edges of your lawns. Trees and hedges should be trimmed, and pathways and driveways swept.


10. Put your fence first: The first thing most people see at your home is the fence and gate. A fresh coat of paint might bring your fence back to life, or it might need a whole new fence! Everyone loves a picket fence, and that’s why MLC Group is happy to recommend our Motueka Pickets range of fence pickets, gates and fence panels. The wide variety of styles and designs fits into pretty much any situation, while pre-primed Motueka Pickets which require only a good quality acrylic top coat, can save you a lot of time.

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