5 Reasons Why The Traditional Picket Fence Will Never Die

The first picket fences were built in colonial-era America as a simple way to keep children in and wildlife out. Usually made from local timber, these fences were very basic in design. This reflected their role as a practical security feature rather than an aesthetic one. However, when they were white washed or painted, coupled with new manufacturing methods (which created different picket profiles,) these fences displayed a real charm. They were then embraced by the middle class as asymbol of prosperity and security. It wasn’t long before the rest of the world fell for the true beauty of this American icon, and stone walls and wrought iron fences were soon being replaced by pickets all over the globe. It’s fair to say it’s a love affair that continues to this day, for reasons that go way beyond good looks.

Reason 1:

A picket fence is relatively easy to install, even for those who aren’t particularly handy around the house. Our step by step guide to building a picket fence is hardly War & Peace in its length. It’s short and concise, a clear reflection of how simple it is to do.

Reason 2:

A picket fence won’t block the view of the grass and garden. It will give you a sense of security and still showcase the design of the front yard you work so hard to maintain and keep looking beautiful. However, flexibility is a big feature too, and by placing the pickets closer together, or choosing taller ones, you can increase privacy and security should you choose to.

Reason 3:

An incredible variety of fence styles are now possible, thanks to multiple picket profiles and an almost unlimited number of paint colours. You can create a design that perfectly matches your individual tastes, or your surroundings, or the exterior colour of your home.

Reason 4:

A picket fence will add a layer of security and privacy to your property. Unlike many other types of fencing, it will never look harsh, unfriendly or forbidding. A picket fence is the beautiful way to feel more secure.

Reason 5:

A picket fence won’t cost you a fortune. As a fencing material, pickets are relatively inexpensive compared to many other materials. Because it is nice and easy to install, costs can be reduced in that area as well. A picket fence is proof you can have beauty on a budget.

The American icon is now a Kiwi favourite, and at MLC Group we love picket fences as much as you do. We’re proud to manufacture Motueka Pickets, a range of fence pickets, gates and fence panels which will surround your home and garden withstyle. You can even choose pre-primed pickets to save you hours of painting time. Our pickets are made from sustainably-managed New Zealand radiata pine,with eight different picket profiles to choose from. All the choice in the world for the most beloved fence in the world, and one that will never die.

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