The true cost of an ugly fence

Nice house,shame about the fence! Not even the most beautiful home will make a good first impression if the fence doesn’t look the part. It’s all about the “big picture”where everything must work [...]

10 ways to improve street appeal

Most of us only think about street appeal when it’s time to sell our home- and even then, those thoughts are usually instigated by the real estate agent who knows the price-boosting importance of [...]

Pine Louvre Panels

These easy to install Pine Louvre Panels' are the perfect Saturday project to lift the profile of your outdoor living area. Also popular as a privacy screen, these sustainably produced panels [...]

Create a fairy tale entryway

The first few seconds when a person lays eyes on you will go a long way to forming their lasting opinions about you. The same goes for your home. Making the most of that first moment is vital if [...]

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