All about picket fences

Picket fences had humble beginnings in colonial America. Rather than being prized for their aesthetic appeal, they were valued for their ability to keep the chickens in the yard and protect the [...]

What does your fence say about you?

Do you remember the advertising campaign for the florist delivery company that urged you to “Say it with flowers”? Well, being in the industry we are, we think you should “Say it with fences”. [...]

Choosing the best fence for your home

We have a soft spot for the classic picket fence. Are you surprised to read that? We’d be surprised if you were! Our team at Motueka Pickets take pride in producing pickets that are seen in some [...]

The true cost of an ugly fence

Nice house,shame about the fence! Not even the most beautiful home will make a good first impression if the fence doesn’t look the part. It’s all about the “big picture”where everything must work [...]

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