Create a fairy tale entryway

The first few seconds when a person lays eyes on you will go a long way to forming their lasting opinions about you. The same goes for your home. Making the most of that first moment is vital if you want to create a great impression, and a spectacular entryway can do just that. By incorporating an archway, arbour or pergola entryway into your picket fence design, you’ll create not just a great first impression, but a lasting impression as well. This will increase your prestige as a home buyer and, crucially, your street appeal if you’re a home seller.


Time for a history lesson. An interesting one! Gardeners have used archways, arbours, and pergolas to add impact and height to gardens since the time of the Romans. Artwork from that period depicts archways adorned with vines and roses. Yes, when they weren’t stabbing poor old Julius Caesar in the back, the Romans were setting trends in their gardens that are still evident today. Archways, in a 21st century setting, are made from modern materials or traditional and timeless wood. Archways as landscaping features are usually free-standing structures in front or back yards, but they can look just as good as an entryway above your front gate.


An arbour can have the same impact. While an archway obviously presents as a rounded structure, an arbour has more of an angular roofline. An arbour is often defined as “a shady garden alcove with the sides and roof formed by trees or climbing plants trained over a framework” We define it as a piece of hardscape that takes a garden from meh to magnificent, framing a gate or path in a doorway of flowers and leaves. Talk about adding drama to a landscape design and to that vital first impression when people arrive!


Pergolas are well known, usually as open structures that connect one thing to another; typically, a house and a deck. Pergolas can also provide shelter and shade over a front door, to great visual effect. Why not bring that eye-catching potential to one of the first things visitors will see at your home? Place a pergola over your gate and opening sections of your front path, and the appeal will be unmissable and undeniable.


Your fence and gate can be totally transformed by the addition of an archway, arbour or pergola to the entryway. This will be further enhanced by judicious planting of climbing flowers or shrubs. Together, structure and foliage will create a magical first impression. Let that impression become a lingering one by installing other archways, arbours or pergolas in your garden, and they’ll mirror what you’ve done at the entryway.


At MLC Group, we love seeing how people customise traditional structures to make them stand out. Adding an archway, arbour or pergola to a picket fence is one of the better nods towards customisation, and we’re proud to sell the timber that is used in creating these fairy tale entryways.


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