Decorate your fence (and other things) for Christmas

If you’re feeling all Christmassy right now, and eating fruit mince pies for breakfast, and greeting everyone in the street with “Ho, Ho, Ho, dude”, then it’s highly likely you’ve already decorated your Christmas tree. What a wonderful job you’ve done! You’re a whiz with tinsel. But why stop there? Family and friends will soon be stopping by, and neighbours and passers-by will be looking to you for some Christmas inspiration. Why don’t you put up some more bright and beautiful decorations where EVERYONE can see them? We’re talking OUTSIDE your home.

Let’s start with your fence. After all, the fence is one of the first things most people see when they arrive at your place. A fence is like a blank canvas, giving you an opportunity to decorate it in so many ways. Long strings of tinsel of course,or garlands and ribbons, would look wonderful. Large scale decorations, the super-size versions of what you have on your tree, can also be attached to your fence, while a Welcoming Wreath on your gate would be a cool touch. If you’re willing to put in some extra work, you can paint your fence in Christmas colours…and repaint it once the Festive Season is done and dusted. Just the motivation you need to give your neglected fence a long-needed touch up??

Christmas lights on your fence would probably be the best decoration of all. They’d add some real magic to your street at night, but you have to be a bright spark about using them. For example, you need to ensure all lights are certified for outdoor use, and check light sets for damaged or broken lights or sockets, frayed wires or loose connections. Plus, you should use only three strands of lights per extension cord to avoid overloading. When it comes to lights on your fence, there is a bit to think about but the results are well worth it.

The fence makes a natural starting point for your exterior decorating project but there’s room for you to put on a Christmas show right up to your front door.   You can create a Wonderland Walkway by stringing Christmas lights along the length of the path leading to your door. The effect is stunning! You can line the window and door frames with lights. How about a miniature Christmas tree or two in pots by the door? Decorated, of course.

Whatever you do, and the options are endless to a creative person such as yourself, decorating the exterior of your home will bring the joy and colour of Christmas to everyone. While you’ve undoubtedly done a wonderful job decorating the tree,and the rest of your home’s interior, it really is a nice and inclusive touch to share the love outside your home. Just make sure you play it safe when using lights!    

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