Motueka Pickets® are manufactured by MLC Group (previously known as Motueka Lumber Company Ltd) situated at the top of the South Island in New Zealand.

MLC Group have been manufacturing and selling Motueka Pickets® for over 35 years. Since 1982 Motueka Pickets® have been produced in the world-renowned Tasman Bay region of New Zealand and exported mainly to Australia and South East Asia. Produced from New Zealand Radiata Pine, long renowned for its stability, durability and sustainability, each Motueka Picket® is guaranteed to satisfy your fencing needs of property enhancement, security and privacy.

Motueka Pickets® are distributed around Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines including cities such as Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Davao and Leyte.

CCA H3.2 treatment provides peace of mind with a 50 year guarantee. ACQ and LOSP options are also available on request.

Treated pine Motueka Pickets®, the fence of choice.

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