Replacing a neglected fence? How to use those old pickets.

At MLC Group, we’re big believers in recycling as part of our overall efforts to protect and preserve the environment. In this highly disposable society we live in, it’s great to give new life to old things, and that includes the pickets from a neglected fence that’s about to be torn down and replaced with a brand spanking new one.


Yes, it’s never too late for a career change and old fence pickets can easily move into new fields of endeavour. For example, weathered fence pickets can be used in many ways if you’re looking to add a rustic touch to your home: outdoor furniture like tables and benches, but just as long as the wood is still strong enough to handle some weight. Garden planters and décor made from old pickets blend into almost any back yard setting, while some smart people have even used their retired fence boards to construct a cover for their less-than-attractive outdoor air conditioning unit.


Old fence pickets can even be used in an indoor setting. You can do it in a simple way by attaching a bar to a plank to create a towel rail with a difference. Or you can make a splash in the entire bathroom by using a row of old boards to create a picket fence wall. There is no end of things you can create: a rustic coffee table, a serving tray, pieces of wall art, cabinets for the bathroom, or the bedroom, or the kitchen…when you think about it, the only limit is the number of pickets you have at your disposal!


Sites like Pinterest or Instagram will give you a whole heap of ideas, as will home, garden and décor magazines. Page after page is now being devoted to how to use old fence pickets, because that sort of look is “on point” …which is a new age way to say “trendy”.


Yes, you can teach old fence pickets new tricks. Using them in different ways not only adds lots of visual appeal to other areas of your home, but also makes you appreciate the beauty of recycling. Instead of throwing things away, you’re re-using them in the most beautiful and novel of ways. This new appreciation for older things can even be passed onto your kids. They might find a new appreciation for you, since you’re an older thing yourself! But in all seriousness, our young ones will inherit this planet and if we can teach them how recycling benefits the environment, that can only be a good thing.  So, enjoy that nice new fence…but please take up the challenge of recycling those old fence pickets. You’ll be surprised and delighted at what you can do with them.

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