The true cost of an ugly fence

Nice house,shame about the fence! Not even the most beautiful home will make a good first impression if the fence doesn’t look the part. It’s all about the “big picture”where everything must work together like some sort of visual orchestra: if the fence looks like it has seen better days, then the whole appearance of your property will hit a bum note.

It’s been suggested that 9 out of 10 home buyers will offer below the asking price if they’re not impressed with a property’s street appeal. As the fence is probably the first thing they’ll see when they approach a property, it is a vitally important cog in the street appeal wheel. Our blog on improving street appeal(hyperlink) gave you 10 easy ways to make a better first impression, and increase prices as a result, and the fence was a big part of that list. Ifstreet appeal is important to you, and it should be whether you’re a potential seller or just a proud home owner, then the fence is probably the first thing you should take care of.

An ugly fence is often a broken one. Bits of it might be missing, leaving ugly gaps that not only reduce its charm but also the amount of privacy and security you’re entitled to. People can see things they’re not supposed to see, and access places they’re not supposed to go to. That’s ugly by anyone’s standards!

Don’t forget the little ones you share your home with…. like your kids…or your dog! If an ugly fence can let unwanted visitors in, it can also let more precious creatures out. A good, secure fence provides a safe and contained spot on your property where dogs can run about safely, and where kids can play. They won’t be able to wander off and explore the streets of your neighbourhood…. or the lamp posts of your neighbourhood if you’re talking about your dog. Meanwhile,intruders can be kept at bay. More great reasons to do something about that ugly fence. 

Some fences are so ugly they’re not worth fixing. They need replacing! A new fence will add street appeal, value and security to your home, so it’s worth thinking about. Few fences will return as much on your investment than a classic picket fence.MLC Group is proud to own the Motueka Pickets range of fence pickets, gates and fence panels. With a range of styles and designs, it’s easy to create a new fence that fits your home, section and landscaping, while pre-primed Motueka Pickets will save you lots of time because all you need to do is apply a good quality acrylic top coat to complete the project.

As soon as you’ve read this blog post, go and check out your fence. (Or do it in a few hours if you’re reading this at midnight) Be honest with yourself as you survey the structure that stands before you. Is that fence bringing the whole property down? If the answer is yes, now is the time to do something about it. It is beautifully easy to say goodbye to that hideously ugly fence, and well worth doing so for many reasons!

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