What does your fence say about you?

Do you remember the advertising campaign for the florist delivery company that urged you to “Say it with flowers”? Well, being in the industry we are, we think you should “Say it with fences”. You might think we’re one picket short of a picket fence when we suggest that, but we reckon you should. A great fence speaks volumes about your home, and about you.

In many ways, your fence is the greeting to your home. It is one of the first things a visitor sees and gives strong clues as to what they expect when they step inside. So what does your fence say about you?


A Picket Fence: You’re welcoming

A picket fence is a timeless and much-loved design and gives off a warm and welcoming vibe. This promises the visitor a similarly comfortable feeling for the duration of their stay. They can look forward to hot cups of tea, big slabs of banana cake, and even an invitation to hang around a bit longer and watch Coronation Street.


A Tall Fence: You love your privacy

A tall fence that blocks any view of the front yard and even the house itself screams a desire for privacy, a need for security, or a bit of both. There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re all entitled to a degree of privacy, and absolute security, and a high fence certainly makes a loud statement in that regard.


A Modern Fence: You embrace new things

Out with the old, in with the new. A modern fence says you’re probably the contemporary type. You likely have a modern house to match your sleek and spiffy fence – decked out with loads of modern art pieces and furniture. You love trying new things and keeping up to date with the latest trends.


A Bold Fence: You’re unique

A fence painted in a bold colour (or colours!) suggests you’re non-conventional, maybe even a little eccentric. You do what you want, and you love to express yourself. There’s always going to be something fun happening at your house, and your visitors – if they didn’t already know – quickly realise that the moment they step past your bright fence.


A White Picket Fence: You’re traditional

A white picket fence hints that you are a traditionalist. A white picket fence made from our eco-friendly sustainable New Zealand pine hints that you are a traditionalist and an environmentalist.

A white picket fence made from our eco-friendly sustainable New Zealand pine with a portrait of the Mona Lisa painted slap bang in the middle hints that you are a traditionalist and an environmentalist whose first name is Leonardo.


A Neglected Fence: You need to up your fence game

Then there are fences that say things that can’t really be repeated in mixed company. One that is neglected, broken or totally at odds with its surrounding environment implies you’ve got some work to do! You might think we’re being a bit over-dramatic here, but when you consider the importance of first impressions, and how long those impressions linger, we think we have a point.

Your fence can really reflect who you are, and with the choice of materials and designs available to you today, you can easily shape a fence’s personality in your own image.

If your fence is currently saying things that are less than complimentary about you, it can be very easy to fix. For example, the fence panels from our Motueka Pickets brand make it a breeze to construct a picket fence as most of the fiddly work is already done for you.  But whatever you use to repair your fence, or construct a new one, think of its ability to create a positive first impression, rather than just do a practical job. A fence says hello before you do… so make that greeting a winning one.

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