Why your fencing project should include Motueka Pickets

There’s no fence more popular than a picket fence. It has a feel-good factor to go along with its timeless aesthetic appeal, but not every picket fence is created equal. You shouldn’t pick just any pickets! When it’s time to embark on that fencing project, and you have pickets as part of the plan, choose pickets that combine goods looks, convenience, flexibility in character, appearance and design, as well as a healthy dose of eco-friendliness. That’s what you get with Motueka Pickets, a brand proudly owned by MLC Group. Their fence pickets, gates and fence panels will surround your home and garden with style, add value through enhanced street appeal, and bring you all of the following benefits:

Save time with pre-made fence panels – Pre-made fence panels save you a whole heap of hours. You don’t need to construct each fence panel yourself, so you can skip that time-consuming step and move straight on to setting and installing the panels.  

Painting is quick & easy with pre-primed pickets – Pre-primed Motueka Pickets® are kiln-dried grade pickets that are pre-primed with an acrylic primer. You’ll get a straight and stable product with an immediate finish effect once erected, saving you hours of pre-priming. All you need to do is apply a good quality acrylic top coat to complete the project.

You can customise your fence – There are many ways to customise your fence and give it a distinctive look. For example, the length and spacing of the pickets can make your fence really stand out. Dozens of profiles make it easy to create character and individuality. When it comes to stains and paints, you can go vibrant and make your fence pop out of the landscape, or you can use colour in more subtle way and blend into the landscape. So many ways to customise: the choice is yours!

Our pine is fine for the environment – Motueka Pickets are made from New Zealand pine, which is plantation grown, renewable and sustainable, providing the ideal alternative to threatened tropical timbers. The expanding pine resource in New Zealand ensures sustainable harvest levels for years to come, and the result is a natural wood product from a renewable resource. https://www.kiwilumber.com/radiata-pine/radiata-pine-characteristics/.

Different grades of wood to suit your needs – Motueka Pickets has a range of wood grades to suit your wallet and your taste. They include Standard Grade, ideal for fencing on a budget. This grade contains some natural timber features that add to the character of the fence, such as small knots, holes, resin or bark pockets. If you want to minimise the appearance of natural features, consider Kiln-Dried (Dressing Grade) or Clear Grade. Clear Grade Motueka Pickets ® are a premium finish picket, just perfect when you want the focus to be on the grain and finish of the timber. You’ll get defect-free pickets with minimal visual wane, knots or resin pockets. Clear Grade can be painted but we recommend a stained finish to preserve that natural timber look.

Yep, you shouldn’t pick just any pickets! There are many reasons why your next fencing project should include Motueka Pickets, and just as many reasons for you to find out more right now: https://www.motuekapickets.com.

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