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Surround your home with style, charm and street appeal

There’s nothing quite like the charm and street appeal of a picket fence.

Timeless and enduring, picket fences create a stunning first impression, enhancing the appearance of your garden and home as a whole.

Made by MLC Group, the Motueka Pickets® range of fence pickets, gates and fence panels will surround your home and garden with style.

Made from sustainably managed New Zealand Radiata Pine, your Motueka Picket fence will give a sense of security while showcasing your garden and landscaping to perfection.

Surround your home with the style, charm and street appeal of Motueka Pickets®.

Fence Pickets

With eight different picket profiles to choose from, there’s a picket fence to match your vision for your home and garden, whether traditional or contemporary…

Fence Panels

Our pre-made range of fence panels will fit straight into your fence line. Insert your posts at the required spacings and attach the panel straight on. Fast and convenient.

Picket Gates

Motueka Pickets® pre-made gates give you extra privacy and security. With a range of sizes, heights, profiles & styles, Motueka Pickets® have the gate for you.

Erecting a picket fence

Erecting a great looking picket fence is something a competent DIYer can accomplish. Watch this video to learn how.

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